Fifty Shades of Grey’s author E.L. James announced on Monday that she will release a new version of her successful erotica-novel series, which will retell the story from Christian Grey’s perspective.

The books tell the love story of Anastasia Steele with the billionaire character from her point of view. The fame behind Fifty Shades of Grey relies on the believed that the books embrace the meaning and importance of women’s pleasure.

In 2012, What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex & Safety’s author Jaclyn Friedman explained that “a lot of women have said that they’ve learned the most about what sex could be for them from erotica novels,” in CNN when she was explaining the series’ fame.

“These stories focus on female desire and what’s in it for the woman, and there’s not a lot of that in mainstream culture,” Friedman said.

It is expected that the new version of Fifty Shades of Grey will bring tons of critics, the story will be a lot different from the billionaire character’s perspective who “likes to whip little brown-haired girls” and

Re-telling the story from Grey’s perspective is sure to bring out many critics — it will be a very different tale coming from the point of view of a character who “likes to whip little brown-haired girls” and is rather difficult to be differentiate from a serial killer.

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