Opinion: You Are The Leader You Have Been Searching For

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For years, we have searched for political leaders and political parties to fix our problems instead of working to solve problems on our own. We have waited and expected someone else to do the heavy lifting. It hasn’t happened and worldwide this has led to disastrous results and it is obvious that no system of government, political leader, or political party has ever fixed our problems despite thousands of attempts to do so. 6,000 years of modern man has resulted in us killing each other with sticks and stones to being able to push a button and kill thousands of people across the planet in a matter of a few minutes. In fact, when people have tried to put their faith in leaders we have received charismatic dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot. In America we now have reality TV star type politicians who are more concerned with themselves and the next election, but not about doing what is right. There obviously is a leadership void, but who will solve it?

To see why we have a leadership void we must look at the society. If you want to see the mess this country is in all one needs to do is to turn on the television and watch the news coverage of the upcoming Presidential race. The 2016 race has already became more of a bad reality TV show than a Presidential election. We are not discussing real issues. It is all scripted and is no more real than professional wrestling is. We are living in a sociocentric based society where almost everyone is convinced that their country, political party, church, politicians, and favorite media personalities are always correct and can do no wrong. Anyone that disagrees with our sacred cows is now considered a fool without them even first listening to the opposing ideas. There is no way that you could have any political change in a country full of people that will not even listen to you. To keep people fighting we divide ourselves on race, religion, politics, while the leviathan government continues to grow and violate more of our civil liberties and give all the power and money to big corporations.

The political disaster we are facing is not because of an evil tyrannical government. In reality, it is just a large reflection of the condition of a majority of the individuals living in the country. We have elected politicians who truly do represent a majority of the people. We have the power to vote them out, but we never do. People, like our elected our elected officials, are angry, hateful, and convinced that their lifestyle, political party, and nationality is superior to everyone else. We pass laws with disregard to everyone who doesn’t hold our personal views. Many people do not help or love their neighbors. Instead of trying to understand and love one another we pass legislation to make others behave like we want them to.

No system of government, no political party, and no political leader, has ever granted us true freedom and never will. The closest thing we have had to freedom was the American revolution, but even then we found, as Thomas Paine warned, that you cannot free people who refuse to free their minds. Women were still treated like servants, and black people were transported and kept as slaves. Mormons and Native Americas were murdered by the government. At one point, the government even placed Japanese Americans in internment camps. Despite our political revolution, we never truly gained freedom because we hadn’t first freed our minds of sociocentric beliefs.

The leader you have been desperately searching for is not Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or some other politician. The leader is you, the individual. The simple truth is that you are your only hope to be free and solve the issues we face. There is no church, no political party, and no politician that is going to do it for you and until we convince enough people to free their minds of sociocentric beliefs we will never achieve any lasting political change. Even if someone like Senator Paul was to somehow be elected by people who disagree with him on the issues things wouldn’t change that much and would eventually end right back where we always have in history. Big government oppressing people. There are half a million other elected officials in this country who will vote against political change. Just like the American revolution if we don’t first free our minds then our political freedom would eventually erode.

When you lead your own life by loving your neighbor, helping those in need, and come up with positive solutions to the issues, people will eventually see your light and do the same in their own lives. When people see you stand up and lead so will they. When you run for public office it may inspire someone else to also do the same. People will start to see the light of us happy and free people who help others and they will join us. Eventually, when enough people decide to become leaders themselves then real and lasting political change will happen. We can solve most of our issues, but it will be done by average people like you and I who stand up and lead. It will not be done by changing the system of government, reforming a political party, or a couple of charismatic politicians who we have put all of our faith in.

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