Check the news most relevant during this week.

  1. Shia militias’ forces are preparing a collision outside Ramadi to take back the city, the offensive pretends to save the western Iraqui city that is under control of the Islamic State.
  2. In northwest Colombia, the heavy rains caused a landslide, at least 40 citizens are reported to be dead, and dozens more are missing.
  3. The European Commission offered a generous proposal to Greece, the deal would open a €5 billion that could work as a bailout money with little austerity quotas.
  4. Yingluck Shinawatra, former Thai PM is facing negligence charges in court, the trial comes from a case for a multi-billion dollar rice strategy. Authorities had explained that it was filled with graft.
  5. China has made a new announcement related to the reform on their policies this year, the country wants to lower the investments and exports and increase the consumption.
  6. On Monday, charges against over 170 members of motorcycle gangs was filed in Texas for being part in organized crime after a shootout that wounded at least 18 people and killed 9 others.
  7. Due to the rising of conflicts in Middle East the Oil prices are ascending, something that could maybe lead to the disruption of production.
  8. Tonny Abbott, Australian Prime Minister has signed a bill that provides amnesty to Australian citizen that wants to quit foreign militant groups and return to their homeland.
  9. The United States promised $1 billion to Ukraine, a second loan that was pretends to help the afflicted country to rebuild its broken economy.
  10. Renald Luzier, a French cartoonist that was part of the artists who drew Charlie Hebdo’s front cover picture of Muhammad after the massacre of the humorist weekly magazine in January, said he was going to retire from the paper because he can’t handle the situation with his colleagues anymore.

Photo Credit: By Ludovic Bertron from New York City, Usa [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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