On Friday, the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) announced the appointment of Mikki K. Stier as director of the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME). She will be in the new role on May 27.

New director of IME will supervise the $4.2 billion program under which half of a million Iowans are served each year.

She will contribute to achieving the goals for the best health results for low-income Iowans, and for financial activities of the state insurance program.

She will move to DHS from the post of Vice President of Government and External Relations at Broadlawns Medical Center.

DHS Director Charles M. Palmer said, “Mikki Stier has many years of leadership experience in health care and working with government, and she understands the needs of Iowans who receive Medicaid benefits.”

“She will have the opportunity to help shape the state’s health delivery reform efforts and oversee the state’s Medicaid Modernization Initiative. Together, we will put a greater focus on patient outcomes and create a more sustainable and predictable Medicaid budget,” he added.

Mikki K. Stier is very optimistic about her new position at the DHD. “This is a great opportunity for all Iowans as we work together to evolve the Iowa Medicaid program to deliver quality, patient-centered health care that is cost effective,” Stier stated. “I’m looking forward to being part of the leadership team that is implementing this transition.”

Stier completes graduation in occupational therapy from Colorado State University, and masters in health administration from the University of Colorado.


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