Any person who works for a big company knows the experience of being part of the “training meetings”, a business conference that the organization plans to make the employees adopt a new initiative.

These training programs intend to make everyone get on board with the new business plan, as also to learn the new technology or techniques that will come with the strategy.

During the training meetings, is common to see long hours of talking, followed by “action points”, tons of PowerPoint slides, business numbers, and huge books of supporting literature. And after listening and reading all the material, you still forgetting a couple of the important action points. Everyone knows those kinds of meetings.

The problem is that the millions of detailed information makes most of the people to get confused, and try to understand everything that is going on while making the effort for staying awake.

The information that tend to be received during these training meetings are backed with facts and are great, change and innovation can lead to a company to keep growing. The problem lies in putting together a group of employees (that probably doesn’t want to be there) and make them listen hours of information to the point of overwhelmed them, so they forget everything a couple of hours later.

According to an article written by Jason Selk of Inc., “It’s important to remember that knowing something doesn’t change your life… doing something does”.

“When you’re in that overload state, your ability to do literally becomes paralyzed. You’re trying to learn everything, and you don’t want to make a mistake.” Selk said.

From this point, the employee will start slowing down until completely stop. This doesn’t mean that an entrepreneur or a businessman should stop innovating, or that starting a training meeting is a bad thing.

The goal of any training program—whether it’s for a rookie quarterback going through his first pre-season with an NFL team or a group of 250 financial advisors—should be to provide actionable information.

The important thing to do is to approach a different way before reaching a learning overload and is to recognize your “three most important and one must”. Choose the most relevant points that you want to add, and from these three you should select the one that you want to handle first.

According to channel capacity, the human mind can keep the focus on three major ideas at a time. Also, there have been new studies showing that when someone starts an action it comes from focusing in a key concept.

By prioritizing concepts you can start being part of the highest achievers, there are no successful businessmen who have achieved everything in a single day, they tend to accomplish their ideas in several days.

Prioritizing is considered an underrated skill and is the element that makes productive people apart from the busy people.
“There’s no question that streamlining the training process this way will give you the tools, clarity—and freedom—to do your best work. It’s amazing what can happen when the path is clear,” Selk said.

Photo Credit: By Employeeperformance (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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