Eighteen students of Iowa State University have been selected for ‘the Vermeer International Leadership Program’ as part of their leadership courses. The program will start this fall.

The new leadership program aims at giving the students a better of understanding of global challenges such as clean drinking water, food insecurity and poverty, and the students will know how these challenges affect international corporations. They will also understand how companies run at international level.

Vermeer Corp., a global industrial and agricultural equipment company, sponsors the one-year long leadership program that is coordinated by the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics of Iowa State University, which assists the leadership studies program.

The students will research and address the global challenges through local service projects. They will visit Vermeer’s headquarters in Pella and conduct case studies. The students will also travel to Europe, Asia or South America over winter break at a Vermeer facility.

Clint Stephens, lecturer in leadership studies and coordinator of the program, said, “Students are going to experience an intense year of leadership development. It will positively change the lives of participants as they build their skill set for leading in our global community.”

Students are selected for the leadership program through an application and interview process. Those who have an interest in engineering, business or agriculture are given priority.

Each student receives a $2,000 scholarship for the program as part of Vermeer’s financial support.

CEO and chair of the board at Vermeer Corp Mary Andringa said, “Congratulations to the students selected. This program is an exciting new way for us to contribute to the development of future leaders in the state of Iowa and beyond.”

“We look forward to engaging with these students both on campus and during their trip abroad at our international facilities,” she added.


Photo Credit: thepharmacysage

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