On Sunday, the former Hewlett-Packard chief CEO Carly Fiorina talked with Fox News Sunday, where she suggested but not confirmed that she would enter into the presidential race in 2016, turning her into the first female Republican candidate.

During the interview, Fiorina said there is a probability of “higher than 90%” of seeing her entering into the run. There is a “very high” chance she is going to become a Presidential candidate.

Other rivals have been making the same announces, but Fiorina informed that she has the right team and the right support and is expected that by late April Fiorina will make the official announcement.

“I come from a world outside of politics where track records and accomplishments count – words don’t,” said Fiorina. “If I run for president, it’s because I can win the job and it’s because I can do the job.”

Fiorina, 60, is a law school dropout who then becomes a receptionist until she got a job as a management trainee at AT&T, where she worked until becoming one of the most important internationally high-profile female executives. In 1998, Fortune magazine named her as the “most powerful woman in business”.

Fiorina has taken the position to be one of the main critics of the Democratic Hillary Clinton, attacking her possible future rival though Clinton hasn’t confirmed yet if she is going to enter into the race.

“In effect, @HillaryClinton told us to trust her,” Fiorina said on Twitter. “Nothing in her track record suggests we should do so.”

One of the other Fiorina’s attacks on Clinton was on Sunday, comparing the scandal “emailgate” to the Watergate case.

“Hillary Clinton lacks a track record of accomplishment,” she said. “She is not candid, which suggests her character is flawed.”

When Fiorina was asked why people should vote for her she responded, “Because I have a deep understanding of how the economy actually works having started as a secretary and becoming the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world. Because I understand how the world works … Because I understand technology … Because I understand bureaucracies, how they work and how you need to change them.”

She was an adviser to Senator John McCain during his 2008 presidential campaign after she left the business world. Though she has been an active person in politics, she failed in 2010 when she tried to defeat the California senator Barbara Boxer.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore.