The Ohio state has passed an anti-abortion bill in house. The legislation establishes that abortion is banned after the first sign of a heartbeat at six weeks. Pro-choice groups stand against the bill, saying that it would essentially outlaw abortion.

State representatives passed the bill on Wednesday; the legislation would be unlikely to be supported by the Ohio governor John Kasich, fearing that this could be unconstitutional and it could lead to litigations that can ease all abortion restrictions.

Is known that around the six weeks of pregnancy, is when usually the first heartbeat can be detected, the bill says that at this point, the abortion is forbidden.

Called as the “heartbeat bill”, the Ohio house has to make a voting for the legislation for a third time, passing the legislation with a voting result of 55-40. This also makes no exception of incest and rape victims.

Any physician that violates the regulations would be charged with a fifth-degree offense and be punished with one year in jail and a 2.500$ fine.

It is believe that the bill won’t go further due to the opposition that it is going to face in the senate and the Republican John Kasich, former governor of Ohio, who gave his opinion during his appearance in New Hampshire, “My feeling about it is I share the concerns of Right to Life about this bill and about potential litigation, but it’s a long way to Tipperary. The House is not the Senate and it’s not through, so I like not to comment too much on pending legislation.”

Ohio Right to Life and other groups are opposing the legislation considering it unconstitutional, saying that it can bring to a litigation and lead to a federal judge to undoing the recent restrictions on abortion in Ohio.

The opposition groups argued that this bill would entirely outlaw abortion in the estate, adding that many women don’t know about their pregnancy status at six weeks.

Executive Director of the Pro-Choice group Naral’s Ohio, Kellie Copeland, said that the state representatives should be working on policies “that support access to healthcare and help women and families live better lives”.

Photo Credit: By Office of Ohio Governor John R. Kasich (Wikipedia:Contact us/Photo submission) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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