The City of Cedar Rapids announced on Thursday that it will work with analytics firm Buxton to strengthen its retail economic development program citywide. Buxton’s household-level customer analytics will identify the top 20 retailers and restaurants most likely to thrive in Cedar Rapids and provide insights into development opportunities.

According to a press release, “while retail economic development programs have traditionally relied on basic demographic information, Cedar Rapids will utilize customer insights that go beyond demographics, presenting a convincing case to retailers seeking growth opportunities. Buxton’s proprietary web-based real estate platform SCOUT® will give local leaders the ability to analyze retail matches and provide market intelligence to existing local businesses.”

Cedar Rapids is committed to offering residents quality shopping and dining opportunities,” said Jasmine Almoayed, economic development liaison for the City of Cedar Rapids. “By partnering with Buxton, we will have the market intelligence needed to attract new businesses and help our existing businesses thrive.”

“The City of Cedar Rapids is taking a proactive approach to retail development,” said Ryon Stewart, director of Buxton’s public sector division. “Buxton is pleased to provide the analytics needed to evaluate new development and redevelopment opportunities in this vibrant community.”

Buxton has worked with more than 650 cities nationwide to implement retail development strategies. Client cities include Pasadena, California; Bloomington, Illinois; Fayetteville, North Carolina and many others.

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